Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Garmin Vivosmart 3: Your all-day fitness tracker

Garmin has gone official with Vivosmart 3, its latest all-day

fitness tracker and successor to the Vivosmart HR+. Fitness has always been a priority, even with the device marking Garmin’s debut into the VO2 Max arena along with the standard automatic exercise detection, monitoring of heart rate and rep counting. Focus now also includes sleep monitoring, guided breathing and well-being, thanks to tracking of stress with the help of stress detector.

The design of Vivosmart 3 is solid. The device sports a textured rubber band which gives more uni-body look than it siblings. It also has a black strip over the screen. It may not be the most stylish wrist band but it is definitely the most comfortable one. It is designed in a manner which keeps the tracker waterproof. Vivosmart 3 comes with a thickness of 9.8mm and a width of almost 18mm. It weighs around 21 grams. Choosing the correct size for yourself is important.

Vivosmart has a monochrome screen and its ‘hidden display’ will only come alive when there are notifications, buzzes or alerts. The device also supports notifications such as texts, emails and call IDs once it is paired with any smartphone. You can also control music playing from your smartphone via tracker and there is a feature for remotely controlling a Garmin Virb action camera. This device has dropped GPS and is focusing more on day to day well-being by keeping tabs on stress level, making it more suitable as a sequel to the Vivosmart HR. Moreover it features heart rate monitoring, automatic exercise tracking, VO2 Max testing, repetition counting for gym-goers and Garmin’s Move IQ. This is an addition to all the standard fitness metrics, which tracks steps, calories burnt in the entire day, floors climbed and sleep through the night.

There is no solid release date for Vivosmart 3 but it’s being listed at $139.99. It is said to come out in next couple of months.

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