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Garmin Vivoactive 4 and 4S Receive Impressive Updates

Garmin has unveiled the 4th generation of its Vivoactive Smartwatches at arguably the biggest technology focused show in Europe if not the entire world, The Internationale Funkausstellung.  Garmin also introduced us to Legacy Hero and Venu as well at this event. Both these products are more or less the same as Vivoactive 4 apart from a few differences in designs and shape.

Garmin Vivoactive has been Garmin’s answer to Apple Watch and FitBit’s Versa and this hasn’t changed this year either as Garmin Vivoactive 4 is set to compete with Apple Watch and FitBit Versa 2 for identical targeted customer base.

Although the original Vivoactive was only available in one size, this new generation of Vivoactive smartwatches will be available in two different size variants. The size of Vivoactive 4 watch face is 45mm while the watch face of Vivoactive 4S is 40mm in size, making it only a few millimetres more compact than Vivoactive 4. Both smartwatches are made of stainless steel and carry a depth of not more than 12.88 millimetres. Overall dimension of this smartwatch have made it more compact than it’s predecessor even though it carries a bigger watch face diameter.

Both these smartwatches carry 2 physical buttons as opposed to one in their predecessor, the Vivoactive 3. Other notable upgrades include oxygen sensor that reads the level of oxygen present in the blood of the wearer. This feature will also enhance the sleep tracking feature in the watches. The heart beat tracker also experienced an update as it will now also be able to track the heartbeat under water.

The battery life of both these smartwatches are also extremely efficient as the larger variant works for as long as eight days between charge in smartwatch mode while the Vivoactive 4S for a week, thanks to its slightly smaller battery.

Both these smart watches cost $349.99 in multiple colour options on the website of Garmin. These smartwatches are also available on Amazon.

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