Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Garmin to launch Garmin Dive soon for the deeply curious

Beta testing of the new smartphone application from Garmin is online. This smartphone application, named Garmin Dive, is designed for iOS as well as Android devices. This application works along with Garmin’s Descent MK1 Dive Computer.

Garmin has made a lot of progress in making the connectivity of its device better to their accompanying smartphone applications in last few years. Even though, hardware produced by Garmin is never anything below the mark but software designed by them still has room for improvement. However, the brand is now putting in its resources on designing a smartphone application for the deep sea divers.

This new smartphone application is yet to clear its beta testing stage, however, it is open of registration to anyone who wishes to test it. It works side by side with the Descent app and uploads all your dives automatically. A very comprehensive analysis is provided by this application which it develops from all the data it receives. This analysis includes maximum depth, exit points, maximum ascent rate, surface entry, ascent time and a lot more.

In addition to collecting all this data and displaying all this information, this application also lets the users to even share their analysis online in a community and interact in it.

Another useful feature in this application is the Explore tool which allows the users to quite literally explore new locations for diving. Users can use the filters to find the type of location they are looking for. Logs and Reviews from other divers are also present and can easily be accessed. These reviews can prove useful in choosing the right spot for the users.

We will have to wait and see if Garmin will increase the number of functions of this Garmin Dive application and whether support for other sports smartwatches would be added or not.

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