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Garmin to launch a new Hybrid: Vivomove 3

Vivoactive 3 and Fenix 6 are being discussed a lot over their leaked and tentative specs and with them, Vivomove 3 has grabbed a lot of attention too as it is supposed to be the next hybrid smartwatch by Garmin.

For starters, Hybrid Smartwatches (Also called Analogue Smartwatches) are wristwatches with traditional / analogue dials but these watches carry many functionalities of any smartwatch of modern times. This mixture brings along elegance with Functionality.

So far Garmin has launched Vivomove HR which can be called a Hybrid smartwatch. This smartwatch is a frontrunner in Hybrid Smartwatch market along with Withings Steel HR Sport. It was launched back in the August of 2017 and it carried every single important metric including heart rate sensor and VO2Max. It also had a support for notifications and it had a water proof body on top of its brilliant OLED display. But soon Vivomove 3 is going to top all of this.

According to images leaked online and a video on youtube which made public some of the features of Garmin Vivomove 3, this smartwatch is going to be launched in a couple of versions. One of the version is going to be Classic and the other will be Sport. As of yet, not a lot is known about what will be the difference between these two versions but the build and strap are expected to be the factors that will differentiate one from the other.

Other major feature updates might include a NFC chipset for payments without contact and GPS support from connected smartphone. These two features are something we haven’t seen in hybrid smartwatches by Garmin so far. Apart from that, Vivomove 3 is expected to be larger in size with a larger OLED display screen on the dial. This display screen is going to be coloured this time instead of the usual black and white display. Nothing can be said about the launch date of this smartwatch with certainty but it is expected to be launched soon.

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