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Garmin Smartwatch App for Diabetes Patients: Uses Dexcom To Monitor Glucose Levels

The good news is that Garmin Smartwatch App for Diabetes Patients is finally here. Garmin becomes the first company ever to integrate real-time Dexcom G6 CGM diabetes data into smartwatches. Lately introduced apps by Garmin are capable of measuring glucose levels. Also, they can analyze the trends on their smartwatches.

The Dexcom Connect IQ apps let the user view their current glucose levels as well as three hours long history to analyze their situation. According to Dexcom Chief Technology Officer, Jake Leach, Garmin is the company’s first partner that will use their new API that allows third-party companies to include Dexcom CGM data on their platforms.

Already Dexcom CGM systems are doing wonderful work, and have completely transformed the way people live with diabetes. Now, this is an even more convenient way to see your glucose levels at regular intervals.

dexcom app by garmin

The best thing about this feature is that the user does not have to take out their phone. They just have to look on their wrists. Other than that, they can check out their glucose levels while they are at rest or during exercise. In this way, they can also keep a check of their glucose levels whether it’s fluctuating with physical work and by how much.

Garmin products are well known globally for their superior quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and latest technological features. Hopefully, this Garmin Smartwatch App for Diabetes Patients to check out their sugar levels will have numerous applications in the health and wellness sector and will be recognized as a major health-related gadget in the near future.


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