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Garmin Launches Extremely Durable Sports Smartwatches in India under the name of Garmin Instinct Smartwatch

Garmin has made a very durable, heavily-abled and impressive smartwatch available in Indian market. Garmin Instinct comes equipped with health and fitness tracking features.

Garmin’s smartwatch has made quite an impact in Indian wearables market with its Global Positioning System location service, a barometer-based altitude meter, 3-axis compass and a number of other high-end specifications. Garmin has made quite a name for itself in global market due to its very impressive intelligent navigation and guidance systems.

Garmin Instinct looks like any smartwatch, strapped to the wrist of its user. It has a completely digital activity and fitness monitor assisted by a number a high-quality specification engulfed in state-of-the-art hardware that has been engraved inside futuristic polymer case.

This smartwatch is resistant to water, shock and extreme conditions of heat. Its durability has earned it a military standard issued by U.S. Military for it far beyond average outdoor toughness and resilience. To put things in to perspective, its durability can be judged by the fact that even military level extreme conditions can not affect on the performance of this smartwatch.

According to Garmin, this smartwatch can track heartbeat and stress level of the user in real time. It comes equipped with a number of profiles for activities like riding a bike, swimming, running and a few more. It carries support for more than one positioning and locations systems including Galileo, GLONASS and GPS for highly accurate and precise positioning. All these features are complemented by its 3-axis compass and an altitude measuring scale. This all solidifies the fact that Garmin Instinct Smartwatch is for professional level athletes and extreme sports persons.

There is no official word as of yet for the battery capabilities of this smartwatch but according to few reports, the watch can go for as long as 14 days without a charge. This impressive battery performance is made possible by a larger than conventional bodies and low color screen display.

This smartwatch from Garmin costs around 26,999 Indian rupees which is equivalent to more or less 380 USD.

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