Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Garmin Introduces a Feature of Trimming Activities

Garmin has launched a feature to trim activities in its recent update in software for Garmin Connect. This exceptionally useful feature lets the user readjust the end and start time and distance of any recorded activity. For instance, let’s imagine you took a break during your work out but it turned out that you actually did not. This new feature would come in handy in a situation like this as it will let you edit away that specific period of time you stopped for.

Before the introduction of this feature, the user had to go through the hassle of importing the entire activity and running it through a third party application to edit away the unnecessary parts or to micro examine the activity and to get it back on your Garmin Connect, you had to delete it from Garmin Connect first and then upload the edited version again.

Luckily, with the introduction of this new feature, this whole process has become a lot simpler now as you don’t have to go through all that hassle instead you can simply just edit it from Garmin connect. All that needs to be done is just selecting the activity that needs editing, clicking on dropdown menu and choosing the option for Trimming Activity. Choosing this option will then make you decide between choosing the start and end distance or time that needs to be trimmed out.

You don’t have to worry if you make any mistake during this process. All you need to do is just select the Restore Original option which will restore the original activity and bring back all the trimmed chunk.

It is important to know that any activity uploaded manually via TCX or GPX file will not support this feature and same goes for any activity recorded with any 3rd Party Softwares like MyFitnessPal or Starva.

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