Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Garmin Forerunner 955 to Land Sooner Than Expected with LTE Connectivity

According to new leaks and rumors, Garmin is working on releasing another smartwatch for Garmin Forerunner series this year. This smartwatch will have LTE connectivity and other new high end features which were present in its predecessors. This leak has its source from a developer who spotted information embed in the code including other goodies and features that are expected to be launched soon. Forerunner 955, Forerunner 745, Fenix 6 Sport are some of these devices which we can expect to see this year.

“I’m a developer and when I saw in the latest Garmin Connect had the note “features to support new Garmin devices.” I decided to do a quick APK Teardown and comparison, low and behold, there’s some new code, let’s get into it.” The developer said “The devices that seem to be in the final state are (they’re listed in the AndroidManifest.xml and have their own dedicated folders with various setup files)”

He also revealed that it was very simple to point out all these new leaks which could be done simply by comparing two APKs of this update and the previous update side by side. Fifteen minutes is the maximum anyone needs to find out all this information and gather the results.

Anyone who has been following Garmin and their products must be really excited to know that it has been increasing its inventory pretty much during all of last year and its focus remains the same as it plans to roll out more of smart watches and wearables by the end of this year as well. These products include Forerunner 955 LTE, Forerunner 745, Edge 1030 Plus, Edge 130 Plus, Forerunner 955, Fenix 6 Sport, Tactix Delta, Sapphire and Solar, Index Scale 2, Lumen.

It must be noted that all this has been revelled by an unofficial source so there is a huge possibility inaccuracy in these predictions.

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