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Garmin Data Delivers Information on Public Activity


Since the world wide outbreak of Corona Virus, social distancing protocols are being observed in different parts of the world collectively, as well as individually. This has also brought down the amount of daily physical activities most people are getting these days. Garmin has provided data on this matter which gives in-depth insight on it.

Corona Virus pandemic has not slowed down and it is not showing any signs to slow down any time soon either. More than 2 million cases have already been confirmed all over the world and a big proportion of these cases belongs to United States. Hopefully, the outbreak of this pandemic will come under control soon as it did it China. Governments have put into effect different kind of stay-at-home measures in all parts of the world.

People are finding it difficult to stay physically active in the midst of all these social distancing and stay-at-home measures. However, it is not impossible to have some kind of activity or exercise in all this. Yoga, Pilates, Cardio and Strength workouts can be performed from the comfort of your homes. Indoor Cycling and Running can also be implemented provided that you have the resources for it.

According to data provided by Garmin, steps count have declined massively over past few weeks. This is not only the case for United States but around the rest of world as well. Residents of European countries like Spain and Italy have also observed drastic drops in steps counts and walking metrics. Surprisingly however, metrics of some workout including cycling have seen an upward trend in United States as compared to the same time period last year. Virtual running is also on the rise as well and treadmill are facing busy second quarter of 2020. Snowboarding  and swimming have, however, seen massive declines as well due to lack of availability of the resources for these activities to commoners amidst all the lockdowns.

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