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Garmin Announces Solar Charging Smart Watch  – Quatix 6X

Garmin has just recently unveiled its Quatix 6X Smart Watch to public. This smart watch is an iteration to previously released Quatix 6 smart watch with an additional feature that supports solar charging to help extend the battery life on this smart watch.

Garmin Quatix 6X smart watch targets a consumer base of athletes that is especially into aquatic sports including fishing, cruising, sailing and boating. The set of features offered in this Smart Watch make it appears as the aquatic counterpart of Garmin’s very own Fenix 6 Smart Watch.

Garmin Quatix 6X was unveiled only a few days ago and it comes with a few of the features upgraded as compared to its predecessor. The solar charging feature, however, is the most advertised feature as it is meant to be the selling point of this product. A transparent lens laying on over the face of the watch acts as the solar charging panel. This technology is termer “Power Glass” by Garmin. This feature adds more battery life in all modes of power consumption. Quatix 6X is meant to be up and running for as long as 21 days on usual Smart Watch mode. This can go up to as much as 24 days after solar charging if the watch gets to consume 3 hours of solar energy every day.

Other than this, the Smart Watch is also larger in size than its predecessor with its 51mm x 55mm x14.9mm dimensions and a larger screen size of 1.4 inch diameter. The dispay screen has 280 x 280 pixels resolution as well but even after all these size upgrades, Quatix 6X surprisingly weighs less than Quatix 6 which may have something to do with the bezel made of titanium instead of stainless steel.

Apart from this, not a lot has changed in this new iteration as compared to its predecessor and the Smart Watch can be bought from Garmin’s official website for $1,149.

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