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Garmin announces Forerunner Updates on a global level


Recently, Garmin announces Forerunner Updates on a global level. A major upgrade has been launched by the tech giant Garmin along with its entire Forerunner platform. This upgrade involves introducing a host of new features on all of its major gadgets.

We heard previously that Garmin will bring the trail running VO2 Max to Forerunner 245, 745, and 945 devices, and that’s totally true. This feature was debuted on the Garmin Enduro, and it brought a better estimate of the fitness and physical activity of the user.
Now, Garmin is also adding in a rate of perceived exertion metric. This will enable the user to tag how a run felt, aside from the biometric tracking of the session. Garmin is also improving upon the tracking of intensity minutes across the range. Also, the Forerunner 245 is getting workout and training suggestions based on training history, fitness level and recovery time.

The Forerunner 745 and 945 are also getting some big improvements. The sleep tracking feature will now be covered by Firstbeat’s algorithms. These algorithms have been a part of Venu 2, where people have seen an accurate result in sleep tracking metrics.

Also coming in will be the Fitness Age metric. This will assess the fitness and readiness of your body compared with average ages. This metric will indeed prove to be a motivation to many, for with comparison will come the willingness to match the standards. In fact, this is the step towards the beginning of fitness. Since the Forerunner 745 and 945 are built for endurance training, Garmin has now added an ultrarunning sport profile. They have included a rest timer that can track your time spent at aid stations.

The Forerunner 945 and 745 will be now getting more animated workouts for activities such as pilates, strength, and cardio, which can be downloaded from Garmin Connect. As soon as Garmin announces Forerunner updates, you can check out these updates on your Garmin watch by heading to the system menus on the device > Settings > System > Software update.


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