Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Galaxy Watch Sport by Samsung Redesigns to a More Circular Shape

Smartwatches are still very much relevant as of this year but the industry has slowed down a little in terms of growth. Samsung still appears in the list of leaders of wearables industry but it still isn’t its primary focus. Gear Sport smartwatches and the Gear S3 were the most recent headlines from Samsung’s wearable markets. Samsun has also been releasing a good number of EEC certified smartwatches and tablets. Now it is reported that Galaxy Sport smartwatch will soon be released to shake the wearables market a little.

A few photos have been circulating online hinting a circular shape of this highly anticipated smartwatch’s design. It also appears to have metallic chrome-colored finish around it. Samsung is due to host the UNPACKED 2019 event in this month and this smartwatch is expected to be revealed in it. Even though, the focus of the night is expected to be Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and S10+ phones but this smart watch is still expected to be one of the highlights.

The name is yet to be confirmed because some reports suggest that it may even be called Galaxy Active. This watch is meant to be first smartwatch from the company that is based around the needs of athletes and sportsperson. This may be interesting for fitness and sports freaks who are conscious about their health and take wearables help to keep things in control.

Two curved buttons can also be seen on the watch suggesting some kind of a shortcut centered purpose. This wearable has a unique and elegant design making it even more desirable. The watch is reported to carry a number of important features like GPS, heart beat tracker, activity monitor, sleep tracker, steps counter, 4GB ram, Bixby reminders and WiFi all engraved in that circular dial design.

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