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Galaxy Watch Active 2 by Samsung Receives Approval for ECG Monitoring


Galaxy Watch Active 2 has been available in market for almost over nine months as of now. However, one of the features advertised during its release has still not found its way to the consumers.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 was meant to have a ECG monitoring feature which was meant to be released with one of the firmware updates along the way after the launch of this smartwatch. However, it did not get necessary clearance from the relevant authorities until a little ago which kept these feature from being introduced to the customers. Regulators in South Korea have given the green signal for the use of ECG monitor present inside 2nd generation of Galaxy Watch Active series.

Samsung launched Galaxy Watch Active 2 back in August of last year which lead to some customers, tech experts and journalists being upset over the fact that the first generation of Galaxy Watch Active was launched just few months prior during the same year. The competition is every side of tech market has sky rocketed but the act of launching two generations of the same product within six months still is a lot faster than anyone would like it to be.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 brought the improvement in several aspects as compared to its predecessor, including multiple size options, a strip around the dial sensitive to touch for seamless navigation, red round circle bordering the physical button and a round rim on the back surrounding the heart sensor.

The LTE version of this smartwatch allows the consumer to make a call without any help from a smartphone. This variant also has a larger battery while the exclusively Bluetooth version comes with a smaller battery of 237maH. Both these devices run for somewhere around a day before running out of battery. All in all, Galaxy Watch Active 2 has all the features to give Apple Watch a run for its money.

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