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The Future of Sports Wearable is in Smart Bras

Wearables in form of bands and watches are all over the fitness industry. Recently the fitness giants have realized that smart wearable clothes make much more sense than an added gizmo.

Sensors laden clothing contributes a little more than 1% to the fast growing industry of fitness wearables but according to experts it is where the future of this industry lies.

Om Signal, a renowned company for smart men’s shirts, recently joined this venture with its first sports bra that helps monitor heart rate and breathing patterns. Users simply have to sync the sensors attached to the front of their bras to an app that’s easily available from the app store.

After five initial uses, the app can easily analyze the user’s performance into three zones: endurance, race and peak. It give users update every half a mile about their zones and pace via audio feedback through their phone’s headphones. This feedback allow athletes to train more efficiently.

The size of sensor attached is a bit of a concern as it makes a slight bump on the left breast where it is attached but other than this “the feedback is positive”, according to the brand’s spokesperson, Genevieve Garand.

Meghan Gonzales, Houston Dash’s sports scientist, use trackers provided by Catapult Sports to all teams of National Women’s Soccer League. This allows Gonzales to keep a track of each player and their performance. She draws a series of graphs to showcase their performance to their coach, Omar Morales, so they can better understand their team players’ performances and design better way to improve it.

Despite of being a slow growing arena, smart sports bra are a definite viable option for a more ergonomic sports wearable that is more in accordance with the consumers demand. This just might be the new bold frontier for the sport wearables of the future.

Laraib Zafar
A final year med student, tripping on tea, trying to figure out how to adult.

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