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A Free POV App that will Change the Way You View Sports


Virtual Reality is slowly trying to make its way in the world of sports. The notion certainly looks promising. It is a lucrative idea that we can see sports from the comforts of our homes and feel like we are actually in the arena, viewing the game from the same point of view as that of the players. Isn’t that exciting?

FOX sports Eredivsie, a premium television service collaborated with a VR sports tech company, Beyond sports, offering to cover the Dutch football league. FOX sports Eredivsie will be the first broadcasters to offer this free virtual reality app that will show highlights of last weekend’s matches through the point of view of the players.

Beyond Sports already offer VR technology to many other football clubs like Arsenal and Stoke City. They have now shifted their focus to the viewer at home. In collaboration with Fox Sports Eredivsie and powered by KPN, a Dutch telecom provider, the company has developed a free app, showcasing the best goals of the past weekend. All available through the point of view of the players for the ultimate virtual reality experience.

In the past, companies have experimented with 3600 video. The Fox Sports app is different than that. It a virtual reality that you can control beyond the constraints of direction. Select the player through whose eyes you want to see a particular goal and relive that moment the way the player experienced it himself. It is immersive and interactive.

Aside from the match highlights, the app also contain an extract of the postgame talk show De Eretribune’ where you can see the analysts analyzing the match in virtual reality. You can also view fragments of the match that were shown during the talk show. Analyzing the match from different technical angles has never been this interactive.

For now, only Dutch consumers with Samsung Gear VR will be able to download the app and view. However, Beyond Sports is planning to develop a version that will support Google cardboards so that anyone with a high end phone can use this app.
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