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Frederique Constant E-Strap – Where fitness tracking just got super discreet


Frederique Constant has very quietly launched its smart E-strap, this is a leather watch strap with fitness tracking technology built into the buckle. Emerge of this E-strap went unnoticed maybe because of lack of marketing.

However, Frederique Constant has became the game changer after inventing this smart strap. It is made up of top quality leather with tech built into the svelte buckle, the E-Strap has a legitimate claim to being a smart choice for those looking for a fitness tracker. The Frederique Constant E-Strap uses a standard watch strap fitting and it comes in 20mm and 22mm sizes. This strap is based on MMT E-Strap basically. MMT is the company which supplies the technology and algorithms for Frederique Constant’s Horological Smartwatch and was involved with Jawbone.

This E-Strap is surely a glimpse of beauty. The module is connected to the buckle and so well integrated that you would hardly even notice. It seems just like a part of the strap. It offers a top alternative to the host of hybrid smartwatches that are hitting the market. Moreover, Frederique Constant claims that the battery life will last for almost seven days and it takes around four hours to recharge. It charges through a tiny port on the left hand edge which is barely noticeable and does nothing to ruin the allure. It is water resistant but given that the strap is made of leather, we’d say it is inadvisable to make full use of that feature in specific. The E-Strap connects to MMT-365 app, which is there on iOS and Android. Step and sleep tracking is the order of the day, and the accelerometer, tiny buckle hold a battery and Bluetooth chip for connecting to your phone.

It is available in black, light and dark brown leather with stainless steel. The strap is available, however it will be delivered by May 2017.