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Four Affordable and Brand-new wearables Launched by FitBit

Fitbit is eyeing to expand its market and it has made its first move by introducing four brand new smart wearables in very affordable prices to attract the attention of people who were not currently very familiar with the brand. These four wearables include three very efficient activity trackers and an elegant smartwatch. One of the activity trackers was specially designed for children which will assist them in picking up good habits.

It is believed that the FitBit brand is also brining out a lot of major changes in its mobile applications which assist the wearable devices linked with them. These changes are believed to enhance user experience and make the devices and their interface much more user-friendly and interactivity. It will also make it easier for the consumers to access the worldwide fitness and health online communities of FitBit. FitBit Focus will also be there to help the user in getting insights, suggestions, tips and messages.

FitBit Versa Lite Edition

It is an everyday smartwatch, as described by the brand itself. It will monitor the Pulse, sleep cycles and stages, heartbeat. It also carries exercise modes with 15 different goal-based options, GPS tracker, notifications for smartphones and an impressive battery that lasts for mode than half a week. As claimed by FitBit, it also has the capacity to roughly approximate the fall and rise of oxygen levels un blood.

FitBit Inspire HR and Fitbit Inspire

As claimed by FitBit, FitBit Inspire activity trackers are the least costly heartbeat trackers to be in market ever. It also carries exercise modes with 15 different goal-based options and GPS connectivity just like the smartwatch. These trackers can last for as long as 5 days without a charge.

FitBit Ace 2

Designed for kids, FitBit Ace 2 serves the purpose of engraving in healthy habits in children from an early age. And it does so by various motivational activity tasks. It carries a waterproof body and a very impressive bumper protects the screen as well. This all gives it a very child friendly outlook.

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