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Fossil May Soon Introduce More Variants of e-Ink Hybrid

Numerous smart watches by Fossil will most likely be introduced soon following Hybrid HR smart watches. Many of these smart watches will carry on themselves an e-ink display but there will be some without it as well.

A deal with Google around the start of this year has been the direct result for the development of these smart watches. This deal, which is worth around 40 million US Dollars, made Google a contributor in research and development team of Fossil. The technology inside these smart watches was developed from this is called “Diana” which comes from “Digital” and “Analogue” which signifies the blend of both.

The first device to be made commercial in this venture was Hybrid HR. One of the highly interesting features from this was e-ink technology which provided an always-on display and much efficient battery consumption. A mechanical hands sits over the top of its display, which shows the information about heart rate, notifications, weather, steps and more. This all is run on an operating system owned by Fossil itself.

Early feedback of this device has predominantly been positive. Hybrid HR offer five variants on total and the only thing that sets them apart fundamentally is the difference in design.

Reports and rumours suggest that several versions of these smart watches are in the process of development. A leaked image has surfaced online with similar kind of e-ink display which is present in Hybrid HR. Although, one of these smart watches goes past the simple monochrome display and “experiments with colour masking” according to the source of the leaks. We can also expect to see support for Google Assistant in one of these smart watches.

Google Pixel Watch, on the other side, is making tech enthusiasts to wait a little more as there are no indication of its release in near future. However, Google’s acquisition of FitBit has changed things now and we might expect to see a Fossil – FitBit collaboration in the development of this much awaited Smart Watch.

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