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Fossil Introduces Battery Saver Mode in Older Smartwatches

Fossil has introduced its battery saver mode to its older smartwatches with a software update.

Smartwatches running on WearOS are already not very popular when it comes to their battery life. However, Fossil introduced its latest smartwatches back in August of 2019. These smartwatches broke the trend of poor battery efficiency amongst WearOS smartwatches. This was done using a feature in these smartwatches called “Smart Battery Modes”

On normal mode, these smartwatches can run for as long as 24 hours between two charges. While the Smart Battery Mode extends this battery time by several hours but it also limits some features and puts restrictions on a few of the functionalities of the watch. However, this restriction does not include any of the important features like heart rate and notifications.

Four battery saver modes include Time-Only Mode, Custom Mode, Extended Mode and Daily Mode. Time-Only Mode saves the battery the most as it switches off Wear OS. Custom modes lets you choose between apps and you could choose the one you need while the others would switch off. Extended mode cuts all the radio communication except for Bluetooth and Daily Mode works with keeps most of the functions switched on.

Fossil announced that it will introduce these battery modes to older variants of its smartwatches as well only a few months ago and now it is delivering on its promise.  A software update which rolled out few days ago made it happen in Fossil smarwatches which carry a Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip. These smartwatches include Fossil Sport, Kate Spade Scallop Sport, Puma Smartwatch, Michael Kors MKGO and Diesel Axial. Skagen Falster 2 also received this feature in new software update although it only had Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor.

Fossil is also participating in Consumer Electronic Show 2020 and a lot of rumours and news have been running around lately. It is yet to be seen what does it have in the box for its customers.

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