Saturday, July 24, 2021

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Form Launches Water Resistant Augmented Reality Swimming Goggles

Form, a brand known around the globe for its sports technology products, has launched another state-of-the-art product. These smart goggles equipped with Augmented Reality and water resistance abilities are meant to change the game in water sports. Athletes are displayed their performance, statistics and metrics in Augmented Reality through these goggles even when they are performing.
These lightweight goggles cost only 200 US dollars for now. Developed as a project of startup established by Dan Eisenhardt. Dan has also formerly sold off the Recon Instruments back in 2015 to Intel.
“I swam competitively for 14 years and really felt the pain of not being able to access my metrics in real time,” stated Eisenhardt. “The idea for Form came about many years ago, but we are only now entering a time when technology lets us deliver this experience seamlessly in a premium pair of swim goggles. We’re proud that, through a team of top industry talent, we’ve been able to solve a fundamental problem in swimming.” He added. He is the founder of Form and also its CEO.
The transparent display of these goggles can keep you notified about your time in a race as it happens. These goggles have taken around four years to develop and input from best coaches and swimmers around the globe. These coaches and swimmers include many of the current and former Olympians and professional athletes. These Swim Goggles by Form are not only for professional competitions, but you can also use them in training as well, as they make training much more indulging, purposeful and smarter.
“I competed in two Olympic Games: 2004 and 2012,” said Scott Dickens “At the elite level, everything is measured down to the hundredth of a second. Having access to real-time metrics in your goggles is an absolute game-changer. Form enables both swimmers and coaches to be more in tune with what’s happening in the moment. Even if you’re not a high-level swimmer, Form makes swimming much more engaging and just plain fun. You always know exactly what you’re doing, and you’re able to compete with yourself while you swim.” Dickens works at Form as strategic partnerships director.

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