Monday, January 30, 2023

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Football Clubs using Virtual Reality to diagnose concussion!

Now a days, technology is crossing all lines. Football clubs are competing in this race, too. And, they have come out with virtual reality technology used by their doctors in order to diagnose concussion suffered by any player.

This device help sin detecting head injuries, which means that now players can get immediate treatment and can avoid playing for the time being, till they recover. The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset detects if a player has concussion by testing their ability to balance at the same time as following instructions.

You might have players who, after having an injury, will tell you that they are fine and all set to play but then is when this device comes into play. You can easily figure out if the player actually has concussion or not. The new technology trail follows a medical study into heading the ball, which linked former players to developing dementia.

This virtual reality headset costs 500 pounds. According to Dr Michael Grey who is trailing the technology and has worked on the trial at the University of Birmingham, the Oculus Rift system can quickly help medics in detecting subtle changes in players. Trails of the technology follow several studies linking heading of footballs to degenerative brain disease. FA said that it has taken this issue very seriously. It would come into use when club doctors are forced to make decisions on the sidelines as to whether players should continue playing or not.

Dr Grey said that their virtual reality balance test works in a way where the brain do one thing and then challenge it by tilting the room. By doing this, subtle changes could be appreciated that might not show up in a standard neurocognitive test. Currently a pitch side doctor is forced to make a decision on whether a player is concussed using more basic methods. Virtual reality would work alongside the clinical tests to give the medics concrete neurological responses.

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