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FocusMotion – The Ultimate Movement Intelligence


SDK of FocusMotion reimagines quantification of movement for body sensors and wearables. Their software makes it easier for developers to understand, quantify and track movements automatically. Their OS agnostic SDK and hardware does all the learning, signal processing and device integration so you can focus on developing engaging applications.

Custom Classifier takes incredible technology of FocusMotion and enables you to track any range of current or new movements. Custom Classifier also gives a method for increasing algorithm accuracy and reduce false positives by letting you customize spectrum of movements targeted by it. Moreover, their latest SDK of FocusMotion allows you to examine every single movement for tempo, angle and consistency. You can also compare user’s first movement to their last movement, noticing degradation in lift angle over time which would indicate a strain.

A high level classifier of FocusMotion is Activity+, which could be used to determine high level activities such as running, repetitive movements or walking. It is used when you need to get a high-level understanding of user activity.

With FocusMotion, any device is supported with an open sensor set. Be it Android Wear devices, Apple Watch, Pebble or the Microsoft Band. SDK works for both, iOS and Android. FocusMotion is also adding new sensor as they arrive. They are currently working with their partners to combine skin salinity, heart rate and much more, in order to help the user in alignment of data contextually. SDK is easy to setup and install in your system, as it is compatible with various devices.

FocusMotion can track throws, shots, yoga and much more. It could easily identify your poor form and periods of fatigue to prevent over-training. You can also track patients at home, monitor their home exercise programs, increasing accountability. It has also made monitoring of workforce easier. Now you can monitor your workforce for safety issues like poor lifting techniques and much more.