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Fly with Icaros – Virtual Reality Gym

A new debate has been started in the fitness industry regarding the mundane and repetitive task of exercise. All you fitness buffs might disagree, but exercise can be pretty boring for your average Tom. It is all about doing the same thing over and over again while sweating profusely. The whole concept is pretty hard to sell to people who would much rather do anything else than being stuck in a gym with a boring routine.

Icaros seems to be the answer to that boredom. It is a wireless, specialized VR exercise equipment. It combines virtual reality and fitness to make an enjoyable and effective workout regimen that makes you feel like you are soaring! Icaros isn;t another VR coach like we have seen in golf but to enhance your experience, like we have seen in VR gaming.

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The setup of Icaros is a simple straight forward frame work with a stand for your legs and arms that comes with padded areas for knees and elbows. The multi rotational design allows ease of movement and users can fly in the virtual world by balancing their weight on the machine. The setup also includes a VR headset so that you can enjoy the virtual reality games specifically designed for Icaros. The whole experience is extremely comfortable and immersive. There is also a controller attached to the handlebar which tracks all the movements of the machine to make the workout session more ergonomic and pleasurable.

Icaros combines the core balancing acts of planks and yoga with the principles of isometric exercises that provides a complete body workout to various muscle groups of the body. It improves balance, stability and coordination along with the benefits of a good workout session.

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Currently, Icaros is compatible to Samsung Gear VR only but there are future plans to make it connect with HTC vive and other VR headsets. The specifically designed VR game offers different modes and difficulty levels to keep users entertained. Icaros can be used with multi players and with 4 different modes that include sky, deep water, space and race tracks. Each mode has its own set of difficulty levels and durations for individual fitness levels. The gaming software may not be diverse enough to keep you occupied with exercising in the long term but it keeps you hooked enough for the first few times.

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