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FLOW- The Wearable That Cares About Your Breath

SweetzPot FLOW launched on Kickstarter last month. It promises to revolutionize the way athletes’ performance are being tracked. FLOW claims to be a breathing monitor that gives you the complete picture of your breathing activity, pattern, rate and HR.

The world is moving towards integration of medical data such as heart rate with other sports metrics. An all-round analysis of players is the new aim. It has been recognized for a long time that heart rate monitoring gives a very clear picture of the player’s fitness levels. In recent years sports science realized the importance of measuring volume of oxygen in endurance athletes.  This new wearable brings both these metrics on one platform.

About FLOW

FLOW comes as a chest wrap, which can be worn while running, cycling, paddling, or pretty much any other sort of aerobic exercise. The Flow tracks the amount of oxygen inhaled — estimated in liters every moment — to enable competitors to better comprehend their rhythms and patterns of breathing while working out This enables them to set and keep up their pace while building speed and stamina overtime.

How Does It Work?

FLOW is an affordable breathing sensor that can be utilized by anyone and anywhere, during any fitness activity. It immediately and accurately​ ​measures relaxation and contraction of inspiratory muscles, and consequently, identifies ventilatory threshold (VT). This is the point amid exercise when breathing turns too strenuous, driving your performance to a decline. The associated app presents​ ​your flow in​ ​real-time through an​ ​easy,​ ​understandable,​ ​and natural interface. Its only aim is to provide you information so that you can modify your exertion and remain under your VT.

Similarly, FLOW measures heart rate, so you have to just take one band with you on your workouts. It will enable you to manage your heart rate and measure an enduring increment in stamina over time.

Where Can I Buy It?

FLOW will hit the market in the second half of 2018, retailing at $299 USD. As of now, FLOW supports both Garmin Connect and STRAVA. A companion app will also be launched simultaneously. It will be compatible with iOS and Android, making it accessible on a wide variety of mobile phones and smartwatches. To avail earlybird discounts and for preordering, click here.

About SweetzPot

It is an innovation technology company, based in Oslo, Norway, that focuses on improving performance and technique in sports and fitness.

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