Flip Is A Wearable Fitness Tracker Designed For Your Ear!


Contrary to all the other wearables like the Smartwatches and the fitness trackers available today, the Flip is a wearable reserved for your ears only. The device controls all the essentials just from your ear. The wearable is a simple yet innovative fitness tracker.

Designed by Avantari Medical Technologies, the fitness tracker has a comfortable design along with an ultra compact appearance. There are several built-in sensors which help in fitness tracking all the essentials. Flip helps in measuring the heart rate, respiration rate, step counting, analyzing the sleep, and it also contains pedometer, posture analyzer, calorie measured, and BMI calculator.

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Flip Is A Wearable Fitness Tracker Designed For Your Ear!

There is Bluetooth technology which helps in communicating all the data to the Smartphone. All the gathered data will be sent to the users to a Smartphone app.

Apart from all the health and fitness related data, there are touch sensors which let you dial an emergency number with your fingers, control your music playback, and even reject a call. The fitness tracker is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about splashes and water etc.

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Flip Is A Wearable Fitness Tracker Designed For Your Ear!
Technical Specifications Of “Flip”

The company on its official website has described the placement of Flip on the ear instead of the mainstream wrist and neck etc,

“Optical sensors placed behind the ear allow us to sense blood flow accurately, allowing Flip to measure heart rate, respiration rate, and heart rate variability reliability even while moving”

The device is still in development phase and will soon be available.


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