Saturday, September 23, 2023

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The Flare – Misfit’s cheapest fitness tracker

The flare is Misfit’s new tracker, with the Fossil owned company adding the minimalist device to its expanding collection. It is now available cheaper than its Misfit Ray and Misfit Shine 2 siblings. It manages to pack in activity tracking essentials such as step counting, calories burnt, sleep and distance traveled.

The flare has 3-axis magnetometer and accelerometer inside, with Misfit Link users also able to sync the device up to control the likes of music, selfies and presentation slides. If you want to keep tabs on certain exercises rather than just day-to-day wandering, the flare will act as your wrist partner for walking, running and tennis, but this will still require tagging via companion app since the device does not grant automatic recognition.

In Misfit’s range, this device is becoming the cheapest tracker with lighter features. This device is solely focused on activity tracking, having no notification support unlike Shine 2 and Ray. There are no reminders, your progress is monitored by flashing LEDs on the circular face. The flare does not carry the usual Misfit battery exploits which will see the non-chargeable device’s coin battery last up to almost four months. Moreover, the flare only weighs 8.5 grams and there is no need to press anything in order to activate it. You will simply set your device on ‘restful sleep’ and you can also set the duration. For swimmers, while you will be able to keep tabs on distance and laps in 25 and 50 metre pools, this is only available after a 10$ in app-upgrade. The flare is swimming proof in water up to almost 50m, as said by Misfit.

There is nothing new on specs sheet to look forward to, but the flare brings you Misfit basics at an economical rate. This could definitely be the first manageable step for someone looking to get on the wearable ladder.

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