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Five Start-Ups in Sports You Should Be Aware Of in 2019

Several new entrants have made their name in sports wearables market around the world in last few years. Smartwatches are the undisputed kings of this industry and from the looks of it, it seems that it is going to stay like that for a while. Yet, this doesn’t take anything away from a lot of new products attracting public eye.

AIO Smart Sleeve

Smart Sleeve by AIO is the first smart sleeve in the world. It is meant to work as a more efficient alternative to wrist bands and bracelets for tracking and monitoring activities. Regular bracelets, if worn too loose, keep moving all over the wrist and this disturbs the accuracy and preciseness of the readings and might not record the heart beat and pulse rate at all. To make this right, AIO smart sleeve comes int which tracks and monitors all the activities way more efficiently while making no compromises in the comfort and ease of use.


A wearable firm based in Nevada, Carewear Corp Wearable Therapeutics has built world’s first FDA registered, wireless wearable LED light patch specially for the use of athletes. This patch improves the recovery of the tissues and reduces pain for the athlete with the help of red and blue light which causes elevated temperature and circulation of blood in the effected tissues.


Skiiot, based in northern Finland, is a digitizer for winter sports. This is device equipped with multiple electronic sensors and connected to web and mobile application. Cross country skiers can take advantage of this app and use in for getting measurements for the temperature of snow, conditions I n the surroundings, observations related to performance in skiing etc.

On-Tracks Guide Watches

On Tracks was established back in 2016 in the city of Marseille in order to make navigation simpler for runners. These watches come in pair and are to be worn on both wrists by the runner. Before starting the journey, the runner is supposed to set the route on a connected mobile phone application. These watches navigate by vibrating one at a time to guide the runner to take a turn.

Vitascale Head Set

Vitasce is based in Germany. It develops headsets that diagnose any irregularities through the breath. It is an all-in-one device specially designed for people who are looking forward to focus on their individual health and fitness. It not only monitors the number of fats burned by the user but also takes calories count and tracks general activity.

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