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Five questions for Dan Giuliani, CEO and Co-founder of Volt Athletics

Startups are taking the lead in sports wearable. The aim of this series is introduce and let the CEO’s introduce their products.

Volt Athletics Twitter Bio:

Dan's Giuliani

Built by S&C coaches, Volt is an online strength and conditioning platform that delivers sport-specific, individualized training to athletes and teams.

What sets Volt apart from other similar apps?

There are over 165,000 Health and Fitness apps on the market today, and none of them can do what Volt does. Much more than a workout app, Volt uses patent-pending technology to tell you exactly what to do in the weight room, how to do it, and when to do it to help you reach your long-term goals.

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While most fitness apps focus on weight loss, activity tracking, or random workouts, Volt actually builds a personalized, comprehensive strength and conditioning program based on the needs and goals of each individual athlete. Each program is backed by research and industry leaders and uses the same scientifically proven training methods used by elite athletes. Whether you are training for your football season, weekend golf games, or a marathon, Volt takes the guesswork out of training—and no other app offers this comprehensive approach.

Is the app integrated with a wearable? or do you intent to launch one in near future?

Volt’s intelligent training app analyzes the user’s strength data to build their optimal 52-week training program. As the strength and conditioning industry adapts to the ever-changing wearable market, Volt’s technology will begin integrating additional data points to ensure our training is as finely tuned to the individual user as possible, while still based on the latest science and research.

What is the best aspect of Volt?

Volt’s mission, and the heart of our business, is about access—providing all athletes access to professionally built strength and conditioning expertise. For decades, science-based strength and conditioning expertise has only been available to elite athletes (or those who could afford to hire a private, personal strength coach). And for good reason — training athletes is extremely complicated! Athletes can’t do random workouts. You’ve got to have a plan. Your program has to be based in prescriptive science, but flexible enough to adapt to the needs, schedule, strength, and goals of each individual athlete. It’s not a series of stand-alone workouts—it’s a complex system of constantly changing variables, one that requires a lot of expertise and time to manage. Volt is fundamentally shifting this paradigm through our intelligent training engine—allowing every athlete to have access to the right workout for their goals, every time they step into the weight room.

How does Volt help boost motivation?

To achieve any goal, you must first make a plan — and that’s exactly what Volt does for the 40,000+ athletes currently using our technology. Athletes are already motivated to reach their performance goals, but most don’t have access to the right plan of action. Volt provides the expertise, in the form a strategic training plan, that allows athletes to harness their motivation in a clear, focused path to achieving their goals.

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In addition to the year-long training plan, Volt’s proprietary technology allows athletes to track and analyze their strength gains over time, record in-app workout metrics, and access sport-specific injury prevention routines and workout add-ons to enhance and customize their training experience. But perhaps the greatest motivator for Volt athletes is the prescriptive nature of each individual workout: Volt prescribes the exact weights, reps, sets, rest intervals, and exercises athletes need to perform, along with exercise videos and instructions, in order to reach their performance goals. No matter what your goals are — to drive the ball farther, improve your final kick at the end of a race, or reduce your risk of injury while you do the sport you love — Volt provides the blueprint for you to achieve them.

How do you see innovations changing the future of the fitness and sports industry?

In the last few years, the fitness and sports industry has made some huge strides in innovating tech tools to track and monitor what athletes do, but this is only one piece of the fitness technology puzzle. Today’s users are inundated with data — calories burned, steps taken, hours of sleep logged, etc. — but what they really need is the knowledge of what to do with that data. This is what makes Volt so revolutionary in this industry, because we do exactly that: track and monitor what athletes do, then give prescriptive training recommendations based on that data. I believe Volt is pioneering a new path for fitness technologies — from wearables to apps — to do more than just track data. Today’s users want smart technology that analyzes that data and turns it into actionable steps, backed by expertise— and I think we’ll see the fitness and sports industry evolve to provide that expertise to tomorrow’s users.

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