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FITT360- The Real 360° First person view camera experience

Recent advances in technology are moving towards creating virtual experiences as close to reality as possible. How many times have you wished to rewind your life to a particular moment and relive it all over exactly as it was. With the same approach in mind, FITT360 has launched a Kick starter campaign to get you just that- the best 360° First person view experience. 

What is FITT360?

FITT360 is a wearable neck band camera that you can wear all day long without it causing any obstruction in your daily routine whatsoever. You can live stream or  record your daily adventures without having to reach in your pocket and pulling out a phone, every time you want to savor a moment.

It is accompanied by 3 full HD cameras, each with a 90 minute recording time. A companion app by the same name later stitches all three videos, calibrates the exposure and minimizes the shakes, making it VR ready. Since the neck is the most stationary part of the body and is closest to the eye level, it gets as close to a 360° First person view as possible.

The film can be exported either as a 360 – degree video or a single 2k photo/video.

Why FITT-360?

With so many companies venturing into this area, none of them offers such a user friendly option. The FITT-360 is a power packed wearable that can easily be worn around the neck due to its light weight and sleek design. It is shock and heat proof, water resistant with embedded GPS technology and a 90 minute battery time. Moreover, its extremely user friendly and super easy to use. It can be turned off and on, using a small button on the device itself instead of having to do it via the app.

The FITT360 is hands/mount free and provides an excellent 360° First person view and can be used to live stream. The GPS allows for the perfect answer to your life logging needs. And as a bonus, it doubles as a blue tooth headset eliminating the need for a separate headset.

The FITT360 comes in three different sizes such that it fits every neck  guaranteeing the best 360° First person view experience for everyone.

Anoosha Iqbal
A medic-in-making by day, an enthusiast for crazy side projects by night.

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