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FitPal Is The Most Complete 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring Wearable Pal!

FitBit used to be a popular name in fitness wearable world, but, the company has lost its credibility since the reports of incorrect performance have materialized. This is why; new doors have opened for various competitors with more good tech and ideas. One of such name is FitPal. The manufacturers have promised that it is “a different kind of wearable.”

FitPal is meant directly for your skin and not your wrist, waist or neck etc. The wearable is actually a patch that sticks to your skin, giving you the most valid and accurate data as compared to the other competitors. FitPal is capable of monitoring many health related realms. All the health aspects that are significant are the majors of this new wearable tech. The main areas of focus include distance walked, step count, sleep quality, and heart rate.

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FitPal Is The Most Complete 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring Wearable Pal!

FitPal team has stated that Each heartbeat [should] give an in-depth explanation about what is really going on.” This is why the company has tag-lined the wearable with a “different kind” because it really is meant to differently gather all the important health data. The company has further declared the new adhesive wearable as “a complete and comprehensive Fitness, Health and Wellness platform.”

FitPal is considered to be the most satisfactory, 24/7 heart rate monitoring wearable. The variations in the heart beat and all the other systems are transferred to the wearer so he or she knows about the condition of his or her Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) clearly. ANS is said to be responsible for the health and operation of every organ in the human body. This is why it can be used to immediately assess the positive and negative changes happening in the body before any visible symptoms occur.

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FitPal Is The Most Complete 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring Wearable Pal!

FitPal team on accountability of ANS and the wearable has stated that;

“Customers can be made immediately aware of their health trends and risks they might face, see real-time stress levels, their health, fitness and cardio improvements as directly ‘reported’ by their ANS.”

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The wearable only has less than 2 percent error in terms of cardio measurement. It means that this device is effectively medical grade. The device will blend into your lifestyle and will provide you with real-time data on Smartphone. FitPal is currently up on Kickstarter and has managed to smash its record with 555 backers and $101,805 out of pledged goal of $100,000. With 10 days remaining, you can guess where this wearable is heading.

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