The Fitness Tracker Fitbit Charge 5 can rightly be called The King Of Fitness Trackers! Already very reputable and well-known for its fitness trackers, Fitbit has recently launched its Fitbit Charge 5. This new gadget is going to be ultimately the ruler of all fitness monitoring devices in the current international market.

With many innovative and fresh features never seen before in any device till now, the price tag of this tracker is affordable too. Somewhere near $169.99, it’s definitely worth buying it. You will not regret your decision.

Advancing upon the Fitbit Charge 4, this newer model comes with embedded ECG and EDA sensors. The ECG sensor is responsible for keeping track of heart rate on a continuous basis, just like you would keep track using your Apple Watch. Also, if any abnormal changes in heart rate are identified, it is capable of sending timely notifications to the user.


On the other hand, the EDA sensor calculates how well the body responds to external stress. It does so with the help of minuscule changes in the sweat glands on your fingers. According to Fitbit, around 70% of Sense users manage to reduce their heart rate within two minutes of an EDA scan session. This updates the Fitbit app’s built-in Stress Management Score.

Sleep tracking and monitoring feature be Fitbit’s most accurate and complete feature. Fitbit Charge 5 can provide you with an everyday Sleep Score, Sleep Stages and Smart Wake Alarm feature. Also, it has a new Fitbit Premium feature called Daily Readiness. That is calculating a daily score to show the readiness of your body to work out and practice.

With a brighter AMOLED color touchscreen, the Fitbit Charge 5 looks slimmer yet more elegant than its counterpart. A continuous functioning time for a week, the battery is the same as Charge 4. Moreover, the display on the screen offers an always-on option that shows your stats while training. With a variety of breathable sports straps, loop bands, and leather belts, you can customize the tracker to suit your taste and choice.

It is expected that the Fitness Tracker Fitbit Charge 5 will rule the fitness tracker market. Provided its already established position in the global market and a very well-known name as far as fitness tracking is concerned.


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