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Fitness Tracker Amazon Halo – Can Now Check Real-Time Heart Rate

Recently, the Fitness Tracker Amazon Halo has been given an added feature. This feature is no other than checking real-time heart rate. Something that has actually added value to the original device – already it was a much popular fitness and health tracker. Now, this tracker can connect with apps like NordicTrack and Climbr.

haloWith compatible gym equipment and third-party fitness apps, the Amazon Halo can now let you know your heart rate data. While physical exercise, you can now keep track of your heart rate. The watch will also notify you in case you need to quit exercise due to increased heart rate.

With the help of simple Bluetooth technology, the user only has to perform a heart rate setting or heart rate sharing. That can be done easily on most smartwatches. Hence, you can use Halo’s onboard PPG-style optical heart rate sensor and send the data through Bluetooth to those apps and equipment to make it easier to view effort levels.

Since Amazon Halo doesn’t come with a screen at all, the user will have to look at trends in the companion app repeatedly. Once his exercise is complete, the user can again head to the app to turn off the heart rate sharing option. As far as third-party apps are concerned, Amazon Halo is compatible with NordicTrack, OpenFit, and CLMBR.

Amazon Halo becomes better workout partner

When the fitness tracker Amazon Halo arrived in 2020, all eyes were set on this new screenless device. For $99.99, the device quickly became really popular among the masses. The reason being its capability of handling almost all health and fitness tracking features. Now this added feature is really a very helpful one. During the testing phase, the heart rate tracking by the band was quite accurate.


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