Saturday, September 23, 2023

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FitBit’s OS brings in enhanced Heart Rate Algorithm Accuracy in its version 4.1

It has not been long since the news of Google’s acquisition of FitBit came out but the work seems to as fluid as it was before and not a lot has changed in terms of innovation. FitBit has just unveiled FitBit OS 4.1 for its smart wearables. This version of operating system has a much better feature of always-on display for FitBit Versa 2. Along with this, Support for Alexa and the algorithm for heart rate monitoring have also seen improvements.

Users of FitBit Ionic and few of the earlier versions of FitBit Versa will be able to enjoy some of the updates in these features as well with this new update. One of the most notable feature in this update is “Smart Wake” feature which monitors the sleep cycle of the wearer and wakes you up at the point in your sleep cycle where it is least disturbing for you. With this new update, you can also monitor your sleep score on the face of the watch. In previous versions of FitBit OS, you could only check your Sleep Score from the accompanying smartphone application.

“Staying motivated to maintain your health and fitness routine is really hard around the holidays. We’re focused on making it more achievable through a combination of affordable devices, engaging software and our Premium membership to help you stay on track,” stated James Park “The new FitbitOS update and added Premium features give users even more support with innovative smartwatch tools, fresh workouts, new programs and more, setting users up for success going into the new year.” James is the Chief Executive officer and the Co-founder of Fitbit.

New agenda app in this update of the OS helps you in handling your timetable or agenda on the run. Few updates and features have been reserved exclusively for the users of FitBit Versa 2. Enhancement in the algorithm of Heart Rate is one of these features while a better display mode of always-on is the other with really cool watch faces and interface. This new version of FitBit Os will start rolling out during the first few days of December.

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