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FitBit’s New Smartphone Application gets Mixed Reactions

FitBit has recently launched new smartphone application for both iOS and Android users. Early access was granted to those who applied for it but now the application has begun rolling out to everyone as it keeps getting both good and bad reaction on its new looks.

According to FitBit, The new application has updates in it look and design which will make it more convenient for the user to access it.

”Access all your stats and information in a way that’s more dynamic, integrated, and highly personalised.”

To put it in simpler words, It has taken the screen visual from versa and brought them to this applications on smartphones. Three tabs, as opposed to four, are present at the bottom of the screen now. These tabs include Discover, Today and Community.

Discover Tab lets the users in finding the features for health and fitness, and place them on home screen. It also gives the user an easy access to the adventures and challenges by FItBit in addition to the FitBit coach and other premium programs.

Today tab allows the user to check their day to day statistics. These statistics include tracking steps, sleep, calories and other activities. FitBit focus is an interesting new feature directly above this. It grants the user with valuable information related to health and fitness in forms of tips, messages and insight. These insights depend on the data you have logged in. Just like in the old app, you can rearrange, add and hide the tiles according to the style that suits you. More details of any metric can be obtained by tapping on it. Details screen haven’t gotten any much of a redesign except from the screen for daily summary. Detailed screens for activity, steps etc are about the same as before.

Community tab is designed to cover the social aspect of this app. In this tab, you are able to connect with fitness groups, friends and create posts on social media feed of FitBit. All this creates a little sense of competition which ends up feeding your motivation.

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