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FitBit to Launch a 4G Smart Watch for Kids Before 2021

FitBit is working on a 4G Smart Watch for Kids and it plans to finish working on it before 2020 ends. The Smart Watch will have 4G connectivity and Doki Technologies, a tech based company based in Hong Kong will have a lot to do with this smart watch.

FitBit currently has FitBit Ace and FitBit Ace 2 in its inventory as Kids products. Both these are smart activity tracker bands but now FitBit is planning to launch a complete Smart Watch with more premium features and a larger set of functionalities.

Doki Technologies, which was just recently acquired by FitBit, introduced the first ever kids video Smart Watch in the world few years ago. It unveiled DokiPal about a year be in July of 2019 which is its most recent product after which it was reportedly acquire by FitBit in the October of same year.

“We have made the decision to end the Doki service. On July 1, 2020, Doki devices will no longer be able to access communication, location, and other connected services. This applies to dokiPal, dokiWatch S, and dokiWatch devices only.” Doki Technologies issued this statement on their website.

“Thank you all for your support and believing in us. We appreciate all our customers around the world who love our products. As the company moves forward during this transition, we are offering support and resources for our customers.” It added.

Now FitBit will make use of the platform developed by Doki along with their relevant knowledge of the hardware to come up with a Smart Watch targeted at children and kids use. Many companies and brands have shown interest in Kids wearables, specially Kids Smart Watches and Activity band in last two to three years. The market these products are meant for is a big one with lots of unexplored potentials. Other brands are also expected to jump in this soon including Apple as well which is reportedly working on a Kids Mode and Parental Controls in iOS 14 and WatchOS7.

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