Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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FitBit Tests Its Pulse Ox Sensor, Doesn’t Confirm Any Release Dates

FitBit is yet to officially release its oxygen sensor called Pulse Ox and roll it out for its wristbands. As the things are right now, it appears that we will have to wait further to see this feature coming out of it’s testing phase.

Versa, Charge 3 and Ionic have a red light beeping under the tracker. This light is there to measure the level of oxygen present in your blood. This information is very useful if you’re trying to figure out how well oxygen is flying through your body. Athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiasts can make a lot of use out of this application as it can help them a lot in managing their exercises better and timed.

A normal healthy human being has 97% oxygen in their blood level and anything below 95% is generally considered a little irregular but if this level falls below 92%, it is considered alarming. FitBit is looking forward to using this feature to fight health issues like sleep apnea. New Fitbit Alta Is Fitbit's Another Strike At Fashionable Fitness Tracking

Just a few days ago, a user posted the screenshot in a group of FitBit users of his chat with Support from FItBit. It starts off by the user asking

“Hi there. I’ve got a quick question about my Versa. Sometimes the heart rate monitor looks ONLY GREEN and sometimes it looks GREEN and RED. Why is this? I thought it may be you guys are testing the SpO2 sensor”

To which the FitBit Support replied

“The sensor could give consumers the opportunity to identify potential health issues like sleep apnea. We are still exploring how this would appear in the customer experience, but such technology would use this sensor.”

And when the support was asked if the SpO2 sensor was enabled for now, FitBit support replied

“SpO2 is not yet enabled. We don’t have an official release date yet, but we’ll be sure to make an announcement when we do. Thank you for your understanding.”

This just adds to the misery of anyone who is waiting for this feature to be launched so they can make use of it but lets hope the feature is worth the wait, at least.

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