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Fitbit Tells You How Lazy And Inactive You Are!

Fitbit Tells You How Lazy And Inactive You Are!

Do you own a Fitbit? If you own a Fitbit and think that you are becoming ‘all active’ because of it, then you might have to rethink. Even if your stats are pretty great and you run very well, Fitbit is here to disappoint you. Fitbit Blaze has blazed your workout routine but you have to think again.

Fitbit has collected a data of over million users anonymously. The data was collected in 2015 and astonishing revelations have been made by the research. It was stated that we sit about 90 minutes in the same position at a time. This is quite alarming because sitting for a long period of time, directly relates to heart diseases and problems.

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What’s more is that the data has shown that most of the Fitbit owners are habitual of sitting between 2-3PM in the afternoon. Moreover, there is an early work period too. After the work timings, there are another hours throughout the day in which users are sitting idly, mostly between 10:30-11AM then post-work around 7:30-8:30PM at night. Most of the Fitbit owners spend that time in front of the TV or obviously dinner table.

The statistics are helpful in case that the older one gets the more time he or she is considered to spend sitting, whereas, the walk and the other active activities start to get dull. The total time in which an average human being sits increases between the period of 20 and 24, rapidly. During these years, users’ sit about an hour while that keep going on with age.

Meanwhile, by the age of 30, you will be spending 30 extra minutes doing absolutely nothing and that increases another 30 minutes till the age of 55.

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Fitbit data has also unveiled an interesting finding. The data shows that idle time sitting decreases around the age one is about to retire. However, the reason here may vary. One of the reasons could be that most of the old people still don’t use wearables. While it could be just that after retirement people are prone to stay a bit active because they actually don’t have to do anything.

Keeping all the findings and the statistics in mind, Fitbit has built Fitbit Alta with reminders. The reminders ‘remind’ you to move every hour, in a case; you haven’t hit the 250 step goal. The reminder is fun and a good way to keep you updated with health and wellbeing.

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