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Fitbit Smartwatch – Snoring Detection Feature to be introduced soon

Fitbit Smartwatch – Snoring Detection Feature to be introduced soon. So claims Fitbit itself. Currently, Fitbit is preparing to announce its new feature titled, “Snore & Noise Detect”.

In specific devices, Fitbit will allow its microphone to be present that can detect any kind of ambient noise, including one’s snoring. Although a feature that will possibly drain out the battery, its implications in the health sector can be very useful. The sleep tracker will monitor throughout the night, the sleeping pattern of the user.

Some users find this idea a little creepy as a device will monitor their snoring pattern and is capable of monitoring the snores of anyone next to you. It analyses noise levels and attempts to find “snore-specific” sounds. When it detects a noise louder than the baseline noise level, it tries to identify if it is picking up snoring or something else.

However, there are some cons here. The snore tracker cannot differentiate between the snore of the user or anyone else lying beside that person. This means for an accurate track, there should be no one else in the room and that the room must be kept quiet at all times with no other disturbing sound. Then only the sound of snoring of the user will be picked up by their device.

The Fitbit Smartwatch with Snoring Detection Feature is still not available in any of their gadgets, but very soon we will update you as soon as it is officially announced. Only once it comes into the market, we can predict how well it is doing with the masses. Some people may not like the idea of sleeping alone or in too quiet a room for actual metrics to be obtained.


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