Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Fitbit Smartwatch Blood Pressure Monitor System to go on testing this month

The Fitbit Smartwatch Blood Pressure Monitor System is to go on testing this month. While a few eligible Fitbit users have been selected to be part of this study, it will be noted how the pulse arrival time can affect blood pressure. Hypertension is the area of study for Fitbit and research results will yield more development in this regards.

​Fitbit starts blood pressure trials

Fitbit will study how different type of human behaviour affects the PAT. Users will log in their behaviour like physical exercise, warm bath, eating and the Fitbit ecosystem will track how a particular behaviour has affected the Pulse Rate.

However, Fitbit is not the only company that has begun with introducing a blood pressure tracker. Samsung has taken a step ahead already in this major aspect of health but it requires further validation.

Samsung with blood pressure monitoring

At the end of the year 2021, hopefully, there will be various wearables supporting blood pressure tracking systems. Apple and Amazfit have also started focusing on this area and Apple has already gained blood pressure monitoring patents.

The major reason behind this being a steep increase in the number of high blood pressure cases. Every 1 in 2 people in the US are high blood pressure patients, and they need to check their BP several times a day. A device on the wrist can be a useful gadget for them.

The Fitbit Smartwatch Blood Pressure Monitor System will be up and about soon. It will benefit both the individual and society as a whole.


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