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Fitbit And NBA 2K17 To Promote Exercise Among The Players

Fitbit And NBA 2K17 To Promote Exercise Among The Players

Fitbit has been a maestro when it comes to steps tracking and keeping you fit for a perfect day at sports. It has been working its head off to introduce changes to the range of fitness and activity trackers so that it may help player get the best out of their games. In its venture, the company has also gone ahead with the video games and has partnered with NBA 2K.

The players would have the opportunity to earn rewards and succeed in games if they achieve their goal of more than 10,000 steps a day. In order to keep the kids active, who prefer to play video games rather than the actual games; Fitbit has taken this step. Due to intensive indoor activities, obesity in kids is becoming an epidemic and rewarding them for working out is the best solution.

Fitbit And NBA 2K17 To Promote Exercise Among The Players

Alfie Brody, Vice President of Marketing for NBA 2K, in a statement told;

Any athlete will tell you that a healthy lifestyle is a major key to success and by rewarding gamers for healthy lifestyle habits we hope to help motivate them to achieve their goals in life and in-game. Our brand is synonymous with breaking down boundaries of what a game can achieve, and we are thrilled to continue that tradition through this Fitbit integration.

When the players will complete their target of exercising and churning about at least 10,000 steps a day, the players will receive a boost in their performance and scores with MyPLAYER in the game, which will, augment their performance on the court during the next five games they play during the same day. The boost, players will be rewarded with, can be used to apply on various categories including layups, dunks, shooting and agility.

Fitbit And NBA 2K17 To Promote Exercise Among The Players

Tim Rosa, Fitbit Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, stated;

As a former video game industry executive, I’m excited to help shape the first-of-its-kind integration between a wearable and a console video game, motivating gamers of all ages to be more active throughout the day by giving them in-game rewards for their real-world fitness activity. This partnership speaks to the long history of innovation from both of our brands. We think it’s just the beginning of what’s possible as we create new ways to keep our community engaged and motivated to be healthier and fit.

The partnership will effect from November 25, and will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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