Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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Fitbit Is Helping Scientists Research Fitness And Health

Fitbit Is Helping Scientists Research Fitness And Health

Fitbit has been under hot water due to various reports questioning its legitimacy. But, still the tracker has gained a strong foothold among the masses. Along with its research platform, Fitabase, the wearable has been changing the medical scene.

It has now been revealed that different medical researches conducted in institutes like University Of Texas MD Anderson Centre and John Hopkins University are using the device for scientific grade experiments.

Fitabase has also revealed that it has collected a whopping 2 billion minutes of physical data over the length of 4 years. Aaron Coleman, CEO of Fitabase stated:

“Historically, measuring participants’ activity, sleep, and heart rate data over significant periods of time has been logistically difficult to collect and costly to measure. Fitbit’s consumer-friendly technology provides our customers with an accurate, meaningful way to capture 24/7, real-time data so they can design innovative study protocols in ways not possible before.”

The Fitbit has also teamed up with Fitabase to conduct a study on spin injuries. Both are working against diseases which may cause deformity and degenerative disease. Fitbit’s trackers were used to monitor physical activity to better predict recovery over time.

It has also been noted that Fitbit trackers are being used to improve the recruitment and retention of the clinical studies and trials. The quantity of researchers using the Fitbit to collect the data is not astonishing. No matter what, it is still the most popular fitness wearable available out there. And, helping the scientists with serious diseases is surely a victory and bonus point in Fitbit’s account.

Kainaat Maqbool
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