Monday, January 30, 2023

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Fitbit Iconic – The new age of sport smartwatch

The new Fitbit Iconic brings everything that you can want in a GPS sport watch with essential smart watch features in an attractive look. The Fitbit Iconic is a perfect mix of health apps, muisc, playback support, mobile payments, and battery life to provide it with the potential for huge success.

The Fitbit Iconic has a super trendy and attractive look with smooth aluminum angular ends transitioning into curved Gorilla Glass 3 that has a slight arc that runs along the length of your wrist. The bands appear to be integrated, but has an interesting mechanism for a seamless appearance on the outside of the watch body.

The heart rate sensor provides PurePulse technology for most advanced heart rate tracking experiences ever. It also measures the stages of sleep in a very impressive way. The display is sharp and bright with crisp-clear colors. It features a touchscreen with enabled touch and swipe uses for navigation.

The perforated leather band is made of Horween leather and has a soft feel with a classy look. A black stainless steel buckle and one leather loop secure the band in place.

It features a USB charging cable, which is extremely quick and easy. Fitbit Ionic is powered by the Fitbit OS with a public SDK available for developers this month. The currently available apps include Wallet, Strava, Starbucks, Today, Timer, Music, Exercise, Alarms, Weather, Relax, Pandora, and Coach. There are iOS, Android, and Windows apps for Fitbit. The Fitbit app essentially mirrors what we see in the desktop software with a slightly different user interface. In addition, you can setup your smartphone notifications for the Ionic. Options include calls, text messages, calendar events, email and app notifications.

The Fitbit Ionic brings integrated GPS, onboard storage for music playback, smart notifications, wearable payment support, and an application platform in a very attractive and comfortable form factor with a battery life of up to four days. The Fitbit Iconic can be pre-ordered for 299.95$ with additional sport bands available for $29.95 each and the Horween leather bands are $59.95 each.


Anoosha Iqbal
A medic-in-making by day, an enthusiast for crazy side projects by night.

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