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Fitbit Enters Into The Elite Athlete Training With Wasps Rugby Club Partnership


Fitbit has again decided to experiment with new sort of wearable tech. The company has signed a deal with The Wasps RFC, an English professional rugby union club. This time, around the company, isn’t developing some new tech but it is providing the club with all the necessary wearable technology for all the players.

As mentioned above, the controversial Fitbit is trying to regain its position in the stock market. Now, it perfectly makes sense that the company is trying to fuse itself into the professional athletic world for popularity. In order to regain the value, the company should reach to the top athletes and other powerful and influential consumers.

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Fitbit would help the Wasps’ coaches to provide fitness and other training data to the athletes. After collecting all the data, Fitbit will also generate data management dashboard for the trainers and staff to monitor all the athletes’ activities. This will help all the players and trainers to know about their stats and measure their fitness goals as well. VP and General Manager for Fitbit EMEA, Gareth Jones, also said that the wearables aren’t meant to be worn during the game only. But the athletes can wear them all day long for tracking and the other data.

“Because our trackers are designed to be worn all day, not just on the field, monitoring key data such as continuous heart rate, resting heart rate and sleep patterns are now much easier. Via the app and dashboard, Fitbit devices deliver a powerful set of data that can help Wasps make smart training.”

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Wasps’ group commercial director, Luke Organ, has expressed his happiness over the vigorous training provided to the players by the Fitbit. In a press release, he stated that;

“This is another step in Wasps’ ambition to work alongside global brands which successfully push the boundaries and are leaders in their respective fields. We are extremely excited about our partnership with Fitbit, which will create a platform to further improve our ability to deliver live analytics and provide clear visualisation of players’ physical performance and development.”

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Organ also noted that the partnership with the Fitbit is not just about the player tracking and training, but, it will also help the fans to engage with the game properly. He further said that;

 “We are continuously exploring ways in which we can develop our performance as a team and as a business, through the latest technology. In-stadia research is underway to establish further opportunities to engage and track customer insight in order to enhance fans’ match day experience. We look forward to working with Fitbit, who join a strong portfolio of brands who will help us achieve these goals.”

The partnership, at this stage, seems very helpful for the both sides. It remains to be seen if Fitbit will be able to satisfy the Wasps’ or not. However, it will be interesting to see if the company is able to fuse itself further into the elite sports level with their wearables.


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