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FitBit Charge 4 to be launched on April 13th

FitbBit Charge 4 is all set to be launched on April 13th this year on Easter Monday. FitBit made an official announcement this week regarding the launch of this product and its specifications.

This smart fitness tracker will cost only $150 while the special edition will cost only $20 more than the regular version. It will go live on Best Buy, Amazon and some other retailers by 13th of this month.

The standard version of this fitness tracker will have multiple options of colours including rosewood, Black and storm blue/black. The special edition version will come in granite, classic black and reflective/black band. These smart wristbands don’t have much of a difference in technology but the Special edition version has a fancy outlook.

NFC payments come by default as oppose to the previous generation of FitBit charge. In last generation of FitBit charge, NFC was only available in the special edition. GPS now comes built-in as well. FitBit Ionic also had this features and now FItBit charge has caught up to the technology as well. Cyclists and runners particularly find this feature very useful. New exercise modes have also been added and a total 20 are present in the new version. Water proof under 5 ATM pressure and a week long battery life are some of the other features as well but these were also present in the previous generation as well. However, battery life comes down to mere 5 hours if the GPS is turned on.

Full inbox lineup for Fitbit Charge 4.

However, there are some new features based on software. Users can now see training intensity mapped after a regular workout session. One of these new features also lets you to use Spotify. This is a never-seen-before feature in a FitBit fitness band as of now. FitBit Charge 4 appears the same as it predecessor. The display is grayscale just like in FitBit Charge 3. To summarize it all, the addition of GPS is the main upgrade of this fitness trackers.

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