Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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FitBit App Update Adds New Features To Assist Users in Avoiding COVID-19

FitBit has officially announced that it will add new section in its app which will have some features useful in avoiding COVID-19. These new features are available in some countries  under a tab called COVID-19. This tab has resources, tools and features that could prove to be very useful in dealing with this crisis.

Clicking on this new section gives you an option between choosing through three choices. First option out of these assists you in staying active and healthy while being locked down in the four walls of your home. It includes free exercises of premium subscription and an option to get free trial for 90 days time period on premium services. It also has additional clock faces as well. It provides the user with notifications and reminders to wash their hands.

The second choice out of these grants you access to an online doctor. Consumers in United States can book a virtual appointment by a doctor with the help of the team by PushCare. It was established in 2013 and it was based on a simple idea of connecting doctors and patient with each other with the use of everchanging technology. The importance of this service has become the most vital now more than ever due to all the social distancing protocols we are meant to observe. Doctors on the team of PushCare can deliver medical advice, screen for Corona Virus and prescribe medicines as well based on the conditions you are going through.

The last option in this list provides the fitbit users with information from WHO(World Health Organization) regarding the spread of this global pandemic. COVID-19 is so far not showing any signs of slowing down and this trend is expected to continue for next few months at least due to the rate it has been spreading so far. Europe and United States have suffered a lot as consequence of this pandemic already but hopefully it will die down soon.

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