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Fit For 90 Is The Best Sports Injury Prevention System

Fit For 90 Is The Best Sports Injury Prevention System

Athletes are fast adopting wearable tech. The adoption of the wearable technology is most noticed among athletes. Different performance analyzing wearables including heart rate monitors and GPS monitors are most popular among professional teams and athletes. This is why; Fit For 90 has created a new wave of technology that has proven to be an immediate success.

Fit For 90 is basically a player monitoring system that collects the subjective data from all athletes to analyze. It also predicts daily readiness for different competitions and training based upon a 100 point scale. The system works on player feedback to quantify mood, fatigue, sleep quality and time, as well as stress level, ultimately producing a score for each athlete that is displayed in the coach’s interface.

The data provided by Fit For 90 allows the coach to better plan the workouts of the athletes. The system also mentions the level of player’s readiness and the muscle soreness. This implies that the coaches will now know what training method and exercise is good for the performance of athletes.

Fit For 90 has really been popular among teams which have experienced it. The most notable teams which have used the system includes the New York Red Bulls winning the MLS Supporters Shield for the best team over the course of the season, the U.S. Women’s National Team winning the Women’s World Cup, the National Women’s Soccer League Chicago Red Stars making it to the league semi-final, and Duke University Women’s Soccer making it to the NCAA finals.

Fit For 90 Is The Best Sports Injury Prevention System

Fit For 90 has really been popular in soccer area. The makers are planning to expand the usage of the system in other sports too. Moreover, the company is also looking to develop the system for individual players too instead of the group or team technology. Fit For 90 CEO, Dr. John Cone, in a statement said that;

“At the individual level it won’t just be a monitoring system. Once the player logs in and provides Fit for 90 with data they will get feedback, and tailored workout plans unique to their needs by taking all the data that they just put in to make a highly individualized work out.”

The individual system will focus on targeting the needs of an individual athlete like injury prevention etc. The athletes will be able to see workouts without any count, coping to their needs. Once the athlete puts in their own data, and develops a profile they will receive a score and workout tailored to them, each player’s data will also be shared with parents and coaches in order to optimize training and prevent injury. Cone also said that;

“The system is taking my experience and methodology to individualize training for recovery and injury prevention, and essentially deliver the same quality of care to a youth athlete that a professional athlete would get when I worked day-to-day with them.”

Fit For 90 was meant to be for soccer only. But, the immediate success of it has pushed the system into many other sports like volleyball, football, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, etc. The individual system will launch this summer. Costs for Fit For 90’s individual player monitoring system will be issued as a subscription type fee, with pricing below $10 per month/athlete.

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