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Firstbeat – Heartbeat and Physiology analytics for Well-being and Sports via Lifestyle Assessment

Firstbeat basically transforms heartbeat information into personalized insights on sleep, exercise and stress. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a professional grade coaching device for fitness and health checks. Their different analysis of heartbeat variability reveals how body is reacting to life, daily. This Lifestyle Assessment by Firstbeat also connect dots between well-being and lifestyle, identifying steps towards a life which is more productive and healthier.

Firstbeat’s Lifestyle Assessment has also created a professional grade coaching tool which helps your client in managing stress and enhancing recovery along with right exercise. The 24 hours analysis provided by Firstbeat reveals what affects your client’s performance during leisure, work and also while sleeping. Firstbeat has proven to motivate the end client for lasting behavioral change based on their own need.

Firstbeat Behind Successful Teams:

Behind each successful team there is always an optimized recovery and training. Firstbeat Sports allows coaches to analyze, collect and interpret performance data of players, helping each athlete to perform at their best. Firstbeat Sport’s stress and recovery analysis is based on recognizing individual patterns of heart rate variability and heart rate. Firstbeat Sports provide with a solution in order to deliver performance insights on a single platform, tracking body functions along with energy expenditure.

Firstbeat Sports for Individuals:

Firstbeat Sports Individual is basically designed for seriously trained coaches and athletes. It provides tools for optimizing recovery along with training load. The system also provides stress, recovery analysis tool based on heart rate variability which helps the athlete in optimizing the training period. It also provides with quick recovery test and daily stress assessment.

Moreover, talking about recovery, Firstbeat also enhance recovery by making an individual more energized, seeing actions which promote recovery and it also quantifies recovery. It see your client’s quality of sleep and if they are getting optimum amount of sleep. 
One of the central goals of stress measurement is to avoid prolonged stress which could lead to serious exhaustion and overload. The risk could be reduced by taking replenishment of resources and regular recovery checks, which could be monitored with the help of Lifestyle Assessment.

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