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First Look at Honor Band 5 – Could End Up Beating FitBit in Blood Oxygen Data

This brand-new wristband will provide help in assessing quality of sleep and diagnoses fatigue.

Honor, a sub-brand of Chinese giant Huawei, has teased the unveiling of next generation of wristbands in Honor Band series. Going by the name of Honor Band 5, this fitness tracking wrist band has been promised to bring a lot to the table. This becomes way more interesting once you consider the fact that it comes in a mid-range price bracket.

CEO of Honor, Zhao Ming confirmed that Honor will be launching the successor of Honor Band 4 as he shared the photo on a social media platform in China. This photo of the Honor Band 5 gave off its size, design and dimensions which don’t look a lot different from its predecessor, the Honor Band 4.

“Today, running in Beijing Orson, I first experienced the new function of the upcoming #荣耀手环5# blood oxygen test. Low blood oxygen may cause dizziness, fatigue, listlessness, poor sleep, etc. This function is very intimate. Are you looking forward to it? [嘻嘻]” Zhao Ming said in his post on Weibo, the Chinese social media platform.

Display of the device shown in this photo has a managed to successfully catch attention of a lot of experts here. Not only it contains heart rate reading but also the percentage reading which appears to be the reading of oxygen levels. This hints the idea of Honor Band 5 incorporating a SpO2 senor in its elegant and weightless body. This has made things interesting as acquisition of this SpO2 technology has put them in competition with FitBit. Meanwhile, all the Honor band 4 features are expected to come in Honor Band 5 too like long battery life, heart rate monitor, round the clock activity tracking and water resistance. It is yet to be seen how far will Honor Band 5 go with all these features.

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