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FIFA wants wearable standard!

FIFA wants to submerge the wearable tech into Football world
FIFA wants to submerge the wearable tech into Football world

FIFA is currently recruiting and asking various other wearable sports trackers to introduce and present their technologies so that the level of wearables and their involvement in world football sets high standards.

Right now, there are many brands and companies making products that manufacture electronic performance and tracking systems (EPTS) systems for big teams. The renowned teams include STATsports and Catapult etc.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) in the first half of the year passed the patent for the use of wearable EPTS systems. Now the system wants to ensure that the teams are not using the technology in an unfair way by using the products that are not in access to other teams and clubs. The teams are not allowed to use EPTS systems while playing a match. Only in a condition that players have preventative medical benefits and are not a danger to other players.

Now by making some guidelines and creating some standard, it means that the scope and chances of the wearable tech are increasing. The wearable tech can also be opened to the live games which imply creating new doors and chances for broadcasting. In one way or another, after the implementation of enhanced technology, the players will be able to have a way to clearly look into in-depth player analytics.

Although the proper enforcing of such laws and details is a long way to go. But, there is still a threat to the big names of the sports wearable sector. If world football freezes out one of Catapult or STATsports, other sporting bodies could follow its lead.

We cannot still hope for much unity in the wearable sector because FIFA is still unable to create one sole platform for the goal line technology. The rest of the rules are yet not forced in the Champion’s League.

Kainaat Maqbool
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