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Fennec Watch One: Smartwatch for Tweenagers


A huge chunk of products in wearables market are focus on children of all ages. Although most of them are for little kids but there are very few in the market that focus entirely on tweenagers. Fennec has introduced a smartwatch to address this problem and let the tweenagers enjoy features based around their needs.

Fennec Watch One, as it is named, is a circular smartwatch developed for children between 8 years old to 14 years of age. The smartwatch, by its design, does not appear much different from any adult smartwatches. A heavy bezel of metal surrounds the display with a little bulge on top which has a 2MP pivoting front facing camera. Addition of Built-in speakers and a nano size SIM card makes this smartwatch capable of performing many operations a cell phone is supposed to do.

This smartwatch allows to make not only phone calls but also video calls as well directly from itself. Fennec Messenger also gives away a safe and fun chatting platform to its users. Doodles, voice messages and pictures can be sent through the chat privately as well as in chat groups. Parents track the location of their kids at all times thanks to a little feature.

Tweens can listen to music with either the connected Bluetooth devices or on the built-in speakers.  Music can be stored locally on the smartwatch as it has significant space for that. Fennec Watch One also offers around a dozen watch faces to choose from. The display screen is spanned around 1.39 inches with AMOLED display and circular screen. It offers a high quality 400×400 pixels resolution display as well.

Fennec Watch One will start delivering by summers of this year if everything goes as planned. It is hoping to raise $30,000 with the help of a Kickstarter campaign and it has already made $6,000 in only six days.